Find Your Soulmate

  • Side Effects of Online DatingĀ 

With online dating being on the rise, it has taken a lot of the mystery and excitement out of dating because it is too easy. We then make lists based on judgments on what we think we want to screen people. Much of what we could be looking for could also be on the defense to avoid the pain from the side effects of the online dating system. Because there are so many choices, we dismiss each other like numbers, which creates a great disconnect. Online dating can be useful for some who genuinely have a hard time meeting people but within moderation. Its overuse can become a distraction to finding one’s soulmate. So let’s refresh our memories on how to use our divine guidance to understand what our hearts really want, not what the ego wants.

  • The Purpose of a Relationship

The purpose of a relationship and that of a soulmate relationship is to teach us how to love more fully. To get there, we have lessons to learn, habits and beliefs that we need to let go of. Love is something that should automatically flow through us when we are feeling pure. Therefore what we need to focus on is letting go of blockages and remembering our pure state. This is very important to be clear with because our egos want to protect us from our blockages. The whole process is far easier when we are able to surrender to all of it. This is what divine guidance will take us through as we ultimately want to realign ourselves with emotional balance. The closer we are to reaching this, the closer we are to attracting our soulmate whom can show up at any time.

  • Understanding the Journey

A journey to finding our soulmate is a journey that starts from within. The emotions of finding the right person are very intense, therefore we need to have achieved the right emotional balance to be able to handle them. It is not all easy like a fairy tale, they will challenge us to learn the big lessons we have to learn and we have to be ready to handle that. That’s also a sign that we met the right person. They are there to show us the path to surrender our ego, as that’s how true love will come out. It’s all part of the divine plan. This is why the journey is all about preparing ourselves emotionally. The more we ignore this, the more painful experiences we may have to go through to realize this truth. However, with the right vision, the path will be very exciting, fulfilling and joyful!

  • Recognizing Divine Guidance

Divine guidance comes in the form of meaningful experiences, signs, mysterious coincidences and synchronicity all with the purpose of showing us what we need to learn. We will develop our intuition as we learn to read the messages.